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I am a Kiwi who is based in Wellington, New Zealand. I am working towards an academic qualification in genealogy and family history with the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies (IHGS), in Canterbury, Kent, England.In practical terms, have worked on my own family tree for more than four decades.

For many years I have researched ourfamily treein New Zealand and the United Kingdom sharing some of my findings with people who contact me directly and via my family tree website:http://www.rellyseeker.net/ourfamilytree

Some of my work has included:

  • tracing a person’s descendants to enable settlement of a desceased estate
  • finding living and deceased blood-relatives for a person who was adopted out at birth
  • finding out about the ancestors for a person who had no knowledge of family apart from one grandparent

If you are interested in my conducting research for you, please let me know by using the contact form at the right or by contacting me using the address on mybusiness card, which is also to the right. My fees are reasonable and include all expenses apart from fees paid for certificates and various other official documents.


I write family histories which can be publishedin hard-back or paper-back,on-line, as an e-book.

I am currently working on the memoirs of a World War II veteran who survived a Japanese kamikaze aircraft attack.


I publish mywebsiteusing a web hosting service and, to a limited extent, through subscription sites. Subscription sites can be good but my preference is for publishing my own sites as people can contact me directly without having to pay for a subscription. I can also have more control over what I publish which is important in terms of security.

I don't share all of my research online as there are too many 'poachers' who use it without acknowledgment, thanks or sharing in return. I protect the privacy of living people. Most of the people who contact me to share information do so through my own family treewebsite.It is a great way to find out about our shared relatives.

Here's an example of my work:http://www.rellyseeker.net/ourfamilytree


14 May 2013: I've started a blog:Jan's Rellyseeker Blog.

Jan Powell